Obama talks to GOP Congress
The President takes questions from Republican members of the House of Representatives at
the GOP House Issues Conference in Baltimore, MD.

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                          President Obama Takes Questions at GOP House Issues Conference
                                      January 29, 2010 | 1:25:54
On one hand, I was pleased that President Obama and the GOP met in an open [media] forum as I am hopeful BOTH
Parties will cease with the childish “I have the best party” rubbish, as it will not accomplish anything.  In a "perfect world"
voters who see this, will look pass party lines and seek what will best serve The People, but that will never happen.

Alternatively, it seemed to me that Obama was standing before a bunch of adolescents who needed scolding for their
actions and then reminders of how not to behave.  (It seemed as though Obama’s scolding/reminders was a training
session of how morals and ethics help each of them to get along and play together.)

While I was pleased to see it, it was also kind of sad and pathetic.

I remain hopeful, I am not betting this Q&A will change the likes of  
Michele Bachmann,  Eric Cantor,  
John Boehner  nor senators,  Chuck Grassley,  Mitch McConnell,  Olympia Snowe  and/or Orrin Hatch.

If either party were truly concerned about rising health care cost, then they would have done something way before
Clinton and Obama.  BOTH party's could have used the reconciliation vote.

I give kudos to Obama, but BOTH Parties need to get it together ….SOON!
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Posted Saturday, January 30 2010
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