Saluting Our Soldiers
                          Saluting Our Soldiers
Posted, Friday, January 8, 2010
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I am so sure most people have heard about many of our brave soldiers who fought during the Iraqi invasion, and I am just as
certain they have heard of Shoshana Johnson who was held captive.  In addition, I hope that everyone has also heard that
she is slated to receive a much smaller pension than that of her comrade Private First Class (PFC) Jessica Lynch.

Ms. Johnson will receive 30 percent in disability benefits due to her injuries, whereas Ms. Lynch will receive 80 percent.

Ms. Johnson, who is an Army Specialist (SPC) was shot in both legs and spent 22 days as a POW.  

Ms. Lynch suffered a broken arm, a broken thigh, and a dislocated ankle after the Humvee she was riding in, flipped.  She
was also a POW.  Although an authorized biography,
I Am A Soldier Too: The Jessica Lynch Story, written by Pulitzer
Prize-winning journalist Rick Bragg, states that she was raped, Lynch says she has no memory of being raped and would
not verify that she was raped and suffered additional injuries.

Whether it is "verified" or not, I would not be surprised that such a horrific and terrifying disgusting act
occurred.  NO ONE deserves to be raped!

Notwithstanding, BOTH women experienced terrifying acts and most liking are sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
and deserve to be treated the same as their counterparts - whether Black, White, Red, Green or Yellow and/or male or

Here's to ALL our soldiers!