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This entry was posted on Sunday, October 12, 2014; filed under Polly's Perspective and Commentary .
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You Have No Right To Vote Stupidly
A few days ago someone told me that they were
voting, ‘Yes’ on 68 because, “
The money will be
going for education.
”  I did not have the heart to tell
her that was simply not the case.  Taxes from
CAN be used for schools, but unless
those words are written into amendment 68, there is
no promise that taxes from 68 will be used in the
school system.

That brought to mind just how many of you make
your decisions based on TV ads.  Do you research
the bills and candidates?  Do you follow the
candidate when he/she announces his/her
candidacy or have you been following them
throughout their political career?  I do not give a
rat's ass if you vote against my candidates.  
Likewise, I do not care if you think I was wrong for
agreeing with this amendment or that proposal.  We
will always have different views on everything from
sliced bread to SUVs.  However, I
DO care that
you research the issue (research only takes a few
minutes) and know your candidates BEFORE you
pull that curtain shut.

Do you know how many idiots have made it into
office because they had more commercials??  Do
you know how many times laws have changed
because people had no clue what they were voting
I cannot tell you how and why you should vote, but I do give a fat rat’s ass about voting
responsibly.  Let the people that died for the right to vote rest in peace and let not their deaths be
in vain.

Polly Elliott-Lanz
Polly's Perspective