I’m Waiting For A Miracle

I’m Waiting For A Miracle

I have paid my dues
Born to poor blacks
I ate what we had
I wore what was used.

I made my way
Through darker days.
Dad left me;
Me and the family.
Where was all the money,
Wasn't mine!

I'm waiting for my miracle.
I paid my dues, so!

I was raised without a mother
But with sisters and a brother.

I know only the rough times
Sometimes I’d want to give up and say,
“Where is mine?”
But I can’t waste away the day.

Mother dies, leaving me alone
At 16,
I know no home.
Sis, she did the best she could
“Help me,” I’d say
but only if she would
Leave me with her kids and work
Leave me with nothing but an ol’ shirt.

I'm waiting for a miracle.
I paid my dues, so.

I have paid my dues
Born to poor blacks
I ate what we had
I wore what was used.

I’m married now
Providing for family with a few sow.
Times rough and tough.
Never turning back,
Never feeling hopeless
Cause I have enough

Just to survive for a family;
Turned down,
Never given a chance to be me.

I want education, a job and pretty clothes.
Instead, a diploma, unemployment,
an ol’ dress for a robe.

Beautiful, olive skin
Fading fast from hard weather
But I did win.

I love them
There's not much I wouldn't do.
Later they would rely on me [and God]
It doesn't matter what I went through.
I'll make it!
We made it as a family!

I'm waiting for a miracle!
Days will come
Days will go

I have paid my dues
Born to poor blacks
I ate what we had
I wore what was used.

I'll raise my children
And be the best mother I can be.
Taught respect, love, trust GOD,
trust me.

41 years my mate would pass
I thank God for making me last

So long good days
I am grateful and thankful;
I thank God for the good times.
I thank God for seeing me through the bad.
I'll make it! I know I can
Now I'm passing this point
I know I can.
I will!

I'm waiting for a miracle
The days are still here now they will go

I’m at the fork in the road
I don't know what to do
Please God, help me,
will You?

They are here now
Watching with a frown.

Is my heart pounding?
Is it theirs?
Am I...
So easily...
So easily read?
I've done all I could
Pressing onward.
What are they waiting for?
Me, I'm waiting for a miracle, God.

She will miss me
Her eyes closed tightly shut;
She'll not really know
She can see again until,
Until her eyes are opened again.

Eyes dripping with water
She's mad!
Not at me
But about what may be ?
How will she face the nights alone
Who will call her late?
Who will care what she ate,
What she cooked?
She talks to me not sharing all
But admitting her failures when she falls.

She’ll miss me!
I love her;
I love them all.
But I must go and heed the call

The miracle has come

No suffering now


They're grown and full.
My job is done.
With strife of life
I know I’ve won!

My miracle has already come.
Waiting For A Miracle
Author's Comments on "Waiting for a Miracle"
I try to read this without crying. I can not. The pain is still fresh in my heart. This is for my dear mother. I wrote this fresh… fresh on the days she
was leaving and then left my presence.
My dear Mother closed her eyes on Tuesday, 09/11/2001 and passed away from this life on Thursday, September 13, 2001

From the book of anthology #32
“Keeba Kornered & Kaptured
in Captivity”
© Keeba Smith
Waiting For A Miracle
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Keeba Smith is a published writer and desired screenplay artist.  She is the author of “Shades of Bright Pale,” and many
other unacquainted writings. Please visit  
www.Keeba.org to find out more about Keeba Smith, read additional critiques and
her unpublished autobiography,
“Spirit in the Dark.”
© 2001-2002
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