Portable Air Conditioner For Sale

Someone once asked me if I preferred the cold winter months or hot summer months.  
I answered cold winter months, as I can always put on more clothing when I am cold,
but when it is hot, it is just hot!  Often times, there just is not enough clothing to be
removed when you are hot; you just suffer with the heat.

Last summer, our evaporative cooler was not as cool or cold as we would have
preferred and because we prefer a particular professional to service it, we had to wait
until he was available.  I was suffering.

Anyway, while at Home Depot, my spouse purchased a portable air conditioner to
make due until our service-guy was available.  We did not mind, as our new portable
air conditioner was doing a great job - cooling the entire house!

A week or so later while out shopping, we could not help but pounce on an affordable
brand new evaporative cooler, and within two days, it was installed, and we were
sitting in paradise.  However, we now have a brand new (less than 10 days of use)
portable air conditioner.  We do not need it and have decided to put it up for sale.

With less than 10 days of usage, it is still brand new and works like a charm and
although we paid $450, we are selling it for $300.

Take a look at the pictures and note its condition; without a knick or scrape.  And if
interested in purchasing for the summer of 2013, feel free to
send us an email.

It is cold now, but this cool weather will only last a couple of more months or at least
until April or May when the heat wave strikes.

Contact us today - before it is gone!
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