My hair is Black and nappy.
You say
my skin is untrue.
I bleed profusely;
Yes, pretty much the same as you.

My language is quick and precise.
My words are chosen carefully.

My dad is in prison.
I live in a circle,
Stealing and being lazy is not mine…
Not my modus operandi...

I want to succeed
Can I?

I decided to take fears and make them my friend.

Ghetto mother
Live grenades
Living with AIDS.

This life I did not ask for
I stand here unwillingly.
My hair is the same as everyone's;
The streets are cold and dark
To face life each day is something so difficult facing me.

I'm gonna sale
To prevail
This life
I didn't make for myself.
But those before me
left me
On the streets
Dark and cold.
You'd have to be bold
To leave anyone here like this.

A fight that cant be won
I fought your fight and now I need a home.
I’ve just begun
A new life
Hope those new
don't face the same strife.

In this circle
A circle of indecision and confusion,
I will always wonder,

Who am I?
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Who Am I
Who am I
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Author's comments on "Who Am I"
Another piqued day in the days and life of Keeba Kornered and Kaptured in Captivity

From the book of anthology #13
“Keeba Kornered & Kaptured
in Captivity”
© Keeba Smith
Keeba Smith is a published writer and desired screenplay artist.  She is the author of “Shades of Bright Pale,” and many
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“Spirit in the Dark.”
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From the pages of Keeba Kornered & Kaptured in Kaptivity
  • Is this a question? Or, are you describing yourself? I like the poem anyway.

    I appreciate you taking time to comment and glad you like my poem.