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November's Midterm Elections - 2014
Posted Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Edited Thursday, November 6, 2014
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This entry was posted Wednesday, November 5, 2014 and edited Wednesday, November 6, 2014; filed under  Keeba’s Commentary.
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I thought we would lose some seats yesterday, but I had no idea it would be a bloodbath.

Today, President Obama's people emailed this message: "
As we make progress, I'll need your
help, too.  Over the weeks and months ahead, I'll be looking to Americans like you, asking
you to stay engaged.

Well, I do not know how to say this, but staying engaged is the problem!  And it has been a
problem for a long, long time.  In fact, the problem remaining engaged started months after the
2008 presidential election.

Yesterday's bloodbath is the fault of The People that did not vote as well as the fault of the
Democrat Party.  The People do not feel engaged because the Democrats made them feel used
and unwanted.

During the 2008 elections, the Democrats went to The People and said, 'I have a proposal' and
they proposed to The People.  The People said, 'I do' and the two were happily married.  Oh it
was such a beautiful union with the two walking hand in hand on that glorious day.  Although it
was a November marriage, the sun shinned and the birds were singing.  Oh it was spectacular!  
But then, like most marriages it all came to an end.

After less than a month, the Democrats returned to business as usual and The People were left to
their own demise.  Oh but least we forget, that there were Democrats that did not appreciate their
dedicated leader as well as their constituents.  The Democrats had the power in both Houses but
there was division and the Houses began to show its real colors.  The main problem was the color
of their leader.

Nonetheless, the people went on about their daily grind of racism, lost jobs and trying to figure out
what was more important, paying rent, buying food or paying for medicine.

According to a recent CNN poll, voter excitement is actually down because it is more of the same
old same.

Moreover, while the people were rolling the dice in their own lives and borrowing from Peter to
pay Paul, the leader and Democrats were busying bailing out big businesses and banks that were
"too big to fail."  To The People, it was evident that the marriage was headed for divorce…or
annulment.  The marriage did not last that long.

The Democrats remind me of dating.  The boy is the Democrat and the girl represents the voters.  
Boy seeks girl for date.  Girl asks boy, "
Why should I date you over someone else?"  Boy says,
I have all kinds of things."  Girl says, "Show me."  Boy makes many promises.  Girl likes
promises.  Boy then sees an opportunity and asks, "
Can we go further with our relationship
and engage in sex?
"  Girl considers other options, thinks of previous promises made by other
boys and yields.  Boy and girl engage in sex and afterwards, boy is gone!

The Democrats and The People could have remained in a long-lasting loving couple but the
Democrats failed them!

By the time Democrats got around to proposing an increase to minimum wage and affordable
health care, The People were on their way to the courthouse.

The Democrats are weak!  In 2008, when they had control of Congress, they did not stick together
to get things done but instead, some of them behaved as if a Republican was President.  They
were not willing to work with their own leader!  Sad and shameful!

Yes, I could simply blame the Democrats for no longer being enticing to The People, but The
People are to blame as well!  I mean, please!  They were not born yesterday!  Or, were they?  
Some only vote during presidential elections, which does not make any sense, as the power is in
Congress not in any of our presidents.  Some of The People just did not vote yesterday.  Period!

Enough of The People are not tired of police killing our young Black men, more wars where our
children return home in body bags, earning less than livable wages and increased prices.
    Yesterday's bloodbath made me wonder if the Republicans
    cheated.  Yes, the storied-rumor has reared its ugly head before
    and yes I have the audacity to bring it up again.

    While watching the news today, a journalist asked a Republican
    what was their secret to winning so many seats yesterday, and he
    answered, "I cannot tell you the secret."

    Well, perhaps it was because not enough Democrats voted and
    plenty of Republicans did.  Yeah, that could have happened, but I
    think it is legitimate to wonder if there were more shenanigans
    going on.

Here in Colorado - yesterday before the polls closed - there was a report that there was not only a problem with all
Parties counting the ballots but questionable signatures on ballots.

In addition, open records show that we are still using Election Software & Solutions (ES&S) for on-call election support.  
ES&S have a long history of controversy around the security of voting machines.  Why the Democrats do not demand the
return of paper ballot is beyond reasonable understanding.

Is it coincidental that Colorado has the same random problems that are now being experienced in Illinois?  In 2008 and
2012, there were reports in Illinois where the results did not match the voting records.  Instead, the records were different
from what the voters selected.  Is it coincidental or was it that too many Democrat voters stayed home?

So what?  What if it is not coincidental?  What are we going to do it about it?  While raising my hand screaming, "I know"
…I know the answer…!: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"  I can easily state, "Surprise!  They have done it to us again!"

On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, there were voting problems in Chicago, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North
Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

Before Tuesday's election, monitors from the department's Civil Rights Division were called in to observe elections in 28
jurisdictions throughout Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey,
New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

For more than 20 years, right-wing fascists have been telling The People that they do not have the right to vote.  Often
times, they have told The People they are at the wrong election station or that they are voting on the wrong day; come
back tomorrow.

As technology improved, these same oppressors have placed dysfunctional machines in poor and minority neighborhoods
as well as neighborhoods where primarily Democrats vote.

In Oakland County Michigan, during the presidential election in 2008, early voters reported instances of malfunctioning
machines.  The People complained that they voted for one candidate, only to have their selection switch to another.  
During testing, the County clerk reported inconsistent results with some machines.

A County in Cleveland had these and other problems in 2010 so I cannot help but question if that is why Secretary of
State candidate, Nina Turner lost.  At the time, the following report was issued:
  • The DS200 accepts a voted ballot but does not record the ballot on its internal counter.  In addition, the marks of
    the second ballot are not recorded.
  • When a 17” ballot was inserted at an angle, the DS200 did not consistently count the mark properly.  The mark
    registered either as a different selection than intended or did not register at all.
  • The system randomly freezes and does not record the "freeze" in its log files.  There are other events not logged,
    such as touch screen calibration.

I remember when it was reported that Mitt Romeny's son, Tagg, a previous owner of a software design company,
purchased and supplied voting machines in Ohio.  Coincidental that there was a bloodbath yesterday?  Perhaps.

Although these problems have been going on for years, but what are we going to do about it?  I know!  Nothing!  Instead,
we repeatedly behave as ostriches and bury our heads back in the sand until the next election - when the problem
resurfaces again.

I might be a sore loser, but who likes losing?  Of course, I am sore!  I am sore and very disappointed that some people
very dear to me choose not to vote for Democrats.  Moreover, I am almost sickened to the stomach that some of these
very same people did not bother to vote at all!  People died for us to vote, yet some sorry folks sat on their sorry butts and
did not even bother!

I know the Democrat Party takes my vote for granted, yet I keep voting for them because they are the only Party in town
- worth my vote.

When we first met, they dated me for awhile and then just as most relationships (or even some marriages), they stopped
courting me and the calls soon stopped.  Well, they called but only when they needed something.  We engaged in activity
that lead me to believe they cared, but then immediately afterwards, they went on about their way and left me hanging.  I
feel used and rejected, but because they know I will be here the next time around, they will come calling when in need to
satisfy their needs; they will call me when they need my vote.

Will I be here?  Of course, I will and they know it.  However, if new a Party comes to town and I like their catcall, I will
answer the door wearing scantly clothing.

In the mean time, welcome increased food and gas prices, loss or weakened ACA, same unlivable wages,
more/increased discrimination, Keystone Pipeline, government shutdowns, no to increasing the debt ceiling, and many
more wars.