I am not depressed!
No, I’m in a moment of mine
All mine
Doing some heavy thinking.

I don't get depressed!
As a strong Black woman, that's not part of my repertoire.
I am happy to be who I am: -
A child of GOD,
full of Black spirit.

I am thankful I had responsibilities
As a child,
If not, I would have never grownup to be me.
No, I am not filled with conceit
Just glad I had parents
taking time
To make sure I grew up to be credible
For me only...  

98% honest
Yea, that's me.
The other 2% you ask?
Well that's the way I gotta be.

Momma always said
Something should be left for the imagination.
“Don’t spill all,” she would say.
“Leave some for another day.”

Well that day hasn’t come
just yet.
I was taught to conceal some.

To know me is to love me
To know me is to trust me
You will find I'm true.

Here I sit
Trying not to throw a fit
I won’t ...though
‘Cause I have restraints.
Controlled by love my family taught me.

If it weren’t for them,
There is no way they could have brought me
From there to here.
Not gonna say I’m glad to be here
Just elated to survive.

taught not to be a pessimist
not forgetfulness
showing and sharing love
And goodness
in the good Lord above.

This is me truly
A little stubborn and unruly.

To know me is to love me
To know me is to trust me
You will find I'm true.

I have an interest and some rights

I will continue to move on
In this world I am born

Just a stakeholder.

Who are you?
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Who I am
Who I Am
  • Nice to meet you Keeba. Great poem, I have a poem that goes by the same name. Check it out sometme. Peace

  • I like both version you present of "Who am I," one makes a statement, the other begs to question how are you
    different. It's similar to my approach with some minior distinctions, well one very big major distiction. You really have
    a literary style in prose that elevates the metaphors to graphic understanding. When I wirte I never know how it's
    quite going to begin or end, it takes on a flow of it's on and therefore the lack of discipline is clear. Not so with your
    writings, it does make me examine the message and it's relevance which in my view is what art is. I did leave this as
    a comment, it is much appreciated that you shared both with me. I like when you say you are 98% honest, the rest
    is to be revealed in the process, but your affirmed, you are to be trusted, liked and loved. Nothing like a black woman
    knowing herself thoroughly and having some mystery to ponder.
    Chance Boyd
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Author's comments on
"Who I Am"
Another piqued day in the days and life of Keeba Kornered and Kaptured in Captivity; describing who I am or am not.

From the book of anthology #17
“Keeba Kornered & Kaptured
in Captivity”
© Keeba Smith
Keeba Smith is a published writer and desired screenplay artist.  She is the author of “Shades of Bright Pale,” and many
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“Spirit in the Dark.”
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From the pages of Keeba Kornered & Kaptured in Kaptivity