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Created Saturday, January 30, 2016; posted Monday, February 1, 2016; filed under Commentary.
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Ya'll Need A Pet!
This morning, I received an email from someone
so frustrated with a telemarketer that she was
prompted to email info for the
"Do Not Call
Registry."  As I was reading the email, fate
stepped in and rang my phone, not once, but
twice within the hour.  Who do you think was on
the other end??!!  A telemarketer setting
appointments for home improvements!  Ha ha
haaa!  Here, Spotty, come here girl!

Ya'll Need A Pet!

Can you believe it!!!  I received a home
improvement call about 30 minutes ago!  I was
busy, Spotty was tired, so I just told the woman I
was not the homeowner.  Simple.  End of call.

Forty minutes later I receive another call from
the same company, different woman.  I tell the
next woman that she, Spotty, my dawog (that's
'dog' in nasal) Spotty, would loveee to have new
windows, roof, etc.

You said your daughter owns the home?'' the
woman asks.
I elaborated with a "Noo."  And with a big smile on my face, I say, "My dawog, Spotty owns it."

Ohhh.  I thought you said YOUR daughter owns the home."

In a matter-of-fact tone, I said, "
Nooo.  My dawog, Spotty owns the home and makes all
decisions regarding any and ALL home improvements.

In my mind I can see the woman rolling her eyes when she says, "
You have a nice day, ma'am."

I had to laugh after that nice woman hung up.

Ya'll need a pet!

Polly Elliott-Lanz
"Polly's Perspective"