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Posted, Thursday, April 3, 2014; filed under  Polly's Perspective and Commentary
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Yes!…It Is In The Cards For Us Too!

I proudly watch as Barack Obama serves not
one, but TWO terms in the most high offices in
this country.  Those that know me fairly well
know that I am always curious about that state of
our people and what they are doing.

Last year a young man from Montbello High
School finished with honors and received a full
ride scholarship to some major university.  I do
not remember his name or which university he
went to this year, but I do remember he was
from da hood and he is one us.  I do remember
that he had ample opportunity to be a hood, to
be a criminal, a gang-banger; he could have
tossed his future away.  That is what the hood
produces, right?

Some may say, 'Polly, you say this with such
nastiness, with such ilk.  Why?'  I simply say
that because I want YOU - the young black
people that are graduating or graduating in the
not too far future and the preschoolers and the
elementary students and the middle schoolers to
know that the world is YOUR oyster!  You have
no excuse not to fulfill the destiny that can be
yours if you would simply go to school (free),
read (also free), listen to your teachers (free),
do your homework (Parents- this is where you
need to be on them like white on rice).
I am reading for the third time about a young brother from New York who got accepted to not one,
not two, not the five ivy league schools that he had originally been accepted, but every ivy league
school in America!  Now I ask you is it possible for our people to do greater things?  Is a decent,
successful future in the cards for our people?  Will you step up and take your place among the
proud Black/African Americans with pride?  No longer do you need to pretend that you are
stupid.  You do not have to aspire to be nothing or go absolutely nowhere with your brain.  YOU
can go ANYWHERE!  YOU can do ANYTHING!  You simply have to take the first step and go to
school and learn everything you can.

Remember all, they have a duty to not let old negative stereotypes haunt us.  If there is one Barack
Obama, why not two or three or four or...

I think about the future Barack Obamas, the future Dr. Ben Carsons.  I see in you the future of a
most wonderful people.  Can you see it?  Do not blow it because you are black or because the
money selling crack and gang banging is so easy.  You are not a nothing.  And great things are in
the cards for you.

Polly Elliott-Lanz
Polly's Perspective