What I enjoy most about taking pictures, is it forces me to look more; looking further into
an object that may not easily reveal itself.  While some may not see what I see and vice
versa, I aim to capture a memorable vision.  Memorable for me might be indifferent to the
next individual.  I am amiable and aiming; aiming my focus towards an unmoved object -
capturing its beauty as I see it.  That object may seem small to some, but as I see it, it is
large and should be framed.

Often when my lens are not in tow, I feel threatened that a piece is wasted and gone
forever and often wonder if I’ll ever have the opportunity to capture that certain time and
place again.  I fear that the timing is gone and I am separated; missing a chance to capture
the moment for me and a chance to share.  Often, I wonder, if those moments were
noticed before and I have missed them.

Nonetheless, my patience remains, as I aim to capture what my eye senses  - a standstill
of motion in my heart.

Here, I have found a peace with my frame pieces.  What may seem obvious, but perhaps
missed and is gone unnoticed, it is my hope to bring it beyond the imagination.
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